Three women who received the "She Knows Where She's Going" award Tuesday from Girls Inc. are wonderful role models for young girls -and all women.

Honored were Mary Louise Eisenhardt, Bonnie Hare and Dr. Marcella Modisett in this, the award's tenth year.

Girls Inc. selects women every year to share their life experiences with the girls and to encourage them to set their goals high and work hard to achieve them.

This year's honorees come from: medicine - Dr. Modisett; science - Hare; and education - Eisenhardt.

Dr. Marcella -as she is known to most in the community - and her husband, Jack, opened their medical practice in 1946 in Madison. She told the girls that she saw many changes in the field of medicine, including more female doctors. Dr. Marcella also has been active for many years in the Girl Scouts.

Eisenhardt, a life-long teacher, began her career at schools in the region before returning to Madison High School to teach and coach swimming, track, tennis and volleyball. A pioneer in girls sports, Eisenhardt is credited with teaching many Madison-area children to swim during her time with the Red Cross.

Hare began working as a chemist at Madison Chemical when there weren't many women in that field. She has been at Madison Chemical for 30 years, and has been an advocate for girls to enter the science world.

These three outstanding women's stories should be an inspiration to the girls.

As young girls they had dreams. As young women they had ambitions. And now, they have the knowledge and wisdom to help a new generation of women and girls fulfill their own dreams.