Madison Precision Products' announcement last week that it is about to undertake a $16 million expansion is good news for Jefferson County.

While it is unlikely that the expansion will create any jobs immediately, the announcement shows us that MPP is committed to our county, and with commitment we can look for growth.

The expansion is a valuable commodity as we explore and recruit economic development opportunities.

The 72,681-square-foot expansion, which is expected to open in March 2014, will be added to the west end of the facility. It will provide space for the company to more than double production of a 15 piece cam holder/rocker shaft for a four-cylinder engine from 1,500 sets per day to more than 3,300 sets per day.

The plant also will locate its four machine areas in one space, which will allow for the consolidation of production and technical support and savings of about $900,000 in expenses, said company Vice President Kevin Turner.

As technology advances, we can expect the workforce of the future to have specialized skills. Madison Precision Products currently has career opportunities for a die casting engineering manager and machining engineer, the company said in a news release. Turner said the ratio of technical support positions such as engineering and maintenance will increase compared with traditional line workers.

MPP is entering a new era in Madison. May our relationship continue to prosper.