We've traveled a long and winding road to get Indiana Department of Transportation officials to consider upgrading State Road 256 to I-65.

Speed bumps along the way have slowed our journey. Some have resigned themselves to the idea that we'll never get a connector road to the Interstate.

State Rep. Terry Goodin says Madison and Jefferson County need to do a better job convincing the folks in Indianapolis of the importance of giving us a safe connector route.

On Thursday, Goodin told a gathering of Madison Area Chamber of Commerce members that he needs a stronger local voice to support his pleas to Gov. Mike Pence.

Goodin is returning to Madison on Monday to hold a public meeting on the issue. The forum will be at 5:30 p.m. at the Venture Out Business Center.

That meeting would be a good spot for area residents to start showing their support for a road improvement project.

Past efforts have failed, but we can't let that dampen our spirits for a project we all know is needed for the welfare of our county.

Pence, in a speech in Bloomington recently, said improving the state's roads is a key to economic development.

He noted that Indiana is in the black and moving forward in creating a business-friendly climate that is growing jobs at a faster rate than most other states.

To label oneself "the crossroads of America," you'd better have the road network to support that claim, he said.

If we're to be a part of that bright future that Pence predicts we need to present a unified effort - one that includes city and county government, business leaders and area residents