Most people understand the value of education, but not everyone goes about their schooling in the traditional K-12 way.

Some are derailed by circumstances ... family obligations, illness, or perhaps, just a dislike of school.

Some of those who took a non-traditional route were rewarded Saturday when they were presented with their General Education Development certification during a ceremony.

The students were mentored in their quest by River Valley Resources. This is the first year a ceremony has been held to honor the GED recipients.

For those wishing to further their education, River Valley Resources offers free GED classes in Madison, Brookville, Lawrenceburg, Osgood, Rising Sun and Vevay. The organization's GED program is funded through the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.

To earn a GED certification, a student must pass all five sections of the exam, which includes reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies.

We know it must be difficult to return to school when other factors and responsibilities need to be met. But, the determination of this year's GED recipients is a testament to those who know it's never too late to get an education.

Their perseverance - and education - will serve them well.