We received a letter from Madison resident Nannette Henry telling us about a group of Hanover College students who understand the importance of helping others.

Mrs. Henry has lived in downtown Madison for seven years and has been involved with the Lord's Kitchen at the Salvation Army. She has seen first-hand the work involved to sustain the enterprise - from receiving food donations to getting volunteers to help out.

There is an abundance of both during holidays, but throughout the year volunteers and food deliveries can vary greatly.

Mrs. Henry reached out to Hanover College in an attempt to round up student volunteers.

The wheels of action began to turn.

A grant was offered to students with ideas for community service. One student, Gaia Attardo, put together an event where students donated unwanted items as they prepared to leave for the year. 

This is but one example of the good work people from all walks of life are doing to help others.

In addition to helping provide food to those who need help, there are needs for tutoring at all levels, child care assistance and mentoring.

The Salvation Army and other organizations throughout our community need equipment, money and volunteer help.

The students at Hanover College have shown us that it doesn't take a lot of money or time to impact lives.

Thanks to them and to Nannette Henry for caring enough to make a difference.