Good police work has resulted in the arrest of a man and woman suspected in several thefts in Carroll and Trimble counties.

One of those thefts occurred at the home of a couple as they were attending their son's funeral last week.

Terry Hopper of Florence, Ind., and Pamela Bentz of Bedford, Ky., were arrested in Portland, Tenn. after police said they attempted to sell stolen guns to a former law enforcement officer.

The former officer, a licensed firearms dealer, ran the serial numbers of the guns through the local police department and discovered that the items were stolen. Besides guns, which included 12 rifles and shotguns, police found knives, jewelry and watches in the car Hopper and Bentz were driving.

Kentucky State Police Spokesman Brad Arterburn said troopers were granted a search warrant for Bentz's home over the weekend in Trimble County and recovered other items connected with the recent break-ins.

In Carroll County, the pair has been linked to at least two burglaries, both of which occurred on July 3.

With computers linking local, state and federal law enforcement agencies it has become increasingly difficult for thieves to sell stolen items.

It's a good practice to record serial numbers of weapons we own and to keep a log - with photos - of valuables we keep in our homes.

That information is critical to police as they work to solve theft cases.