Here's a fact that will get your attention. In just half an hour, 88 degrees turns into 136 degrees inside a car with its windows rolled up.

That should be a warning to adults to never leave a child unattended inside a car. Experts estimate that nearly 40 children lose their lives this way ever year.

We issue this warning this week because temperatures are expected to be in the mid- to high-90s through at least Friday.

The National Weather Service slogan is "Beat the heat, check the back seat."

We know that it might seem easier to leave a child in the car for a moment while you run into the store for a gallon of milk. But that quick trip inside might turn into a longer trip, and a child might be forgotten.

It's also important to not allow children to play inside cars. They can easily hit a button a lock themselves inside. Keep you car locked.

Many child advocates have called for additional safety measures. from alerts that sound in a car when a child is in the back seat to child safety seats that have an alarm when a car is shut off.

The technology is available, and it should be pursued by auto manufacturers.

To those parents who think they'll be gone only a few seconds as they run into the store ... You're probably mistaken, and it could have horrible consequences.