Indiana led the U.S. in meth lab seizures last year, according to state and federal statistics.

Good news or bad news? You decide. Is it better police work or are there are more labs to seize?

In Jefferson County, law enforcement handled 211 drug-related cases in 2013.

The most recent statistics from state and federal sources show Indiana had about 1,800 meth lab incidents last year, followed by Tennessee with about 1,500 and Missouri with 1,400.

Missouri said it experienced a 25 percent drop in meth lab seizures after the state began allowing communities to require prescriptions for pseudophedrine, a decongestant that is a major ingredient in meth.

That's a choice that continues to be debated nationwide ... fighting illegal drugs versus the inconvenience to consumers who legitimately need common cold medicine.

During an ENVISION Jefferson County public forum Monday night, drug abuse was one of the priorities community members cited as needing more attention. Educational programs seemed to be the route most people preferred.

We understand the cautious approach to changing laws and that the process will be slow.

But one area that doesn't require any delay is education.

We've got to be relentless in driving home the message to those inclined to try meth that it could lead to a prison cell or a cemetery.