Once again, our Federal government is cutting funds in an area where it is sorely needed.

A program that has helped more than 11,000 Indiana residents fight drug addiction since 2010 will lose its funding at the end of the year.

The state has received $3.3 million - not a huge amount of money in the world of government spending - through the Access to Recovery federal grant in the last four years. The program focuses on people battling poverty, military veterans and those in the criminal justice system.

Marni Lemons, spokeswoman for the Family and Social Services Administration, told The Indianapolis Star in a story Saturday that Congress has slashed funding for the program. This year, only six states received money, compared with 30 states and Native American tribes in the last grant cycle.

She said FSSA is trying to find money to keep the program running, even if it's at a reduced level.

Nonprofit leaders say even $500 per client would help them stop relapses and save lives.

Finding funding to help individuals deal with their needs is critical. That money helped to pair individuals with the services they required.

How can we continue to turn our backs on those who recognize they have a problem and are asking for help?

We fear that those who have made some gains will suffer the consequences of funding cuts. That means job losses, family difficulties and at the very worst - a relapse to previous behavior.