Face it, we're not very healthy in Jefferson County.

Perhaps that's the problem. Many of us are not willing to "face it," and to take the initiative to do something about our health.

Jefferson County has been ranked as the 52nd healthiest county in Indiana - or the 40th least healthy depending on how you look at life.

And, for our well being we ought to take a "glass half full" look at the issue.

The findings, from an annual statewide survey released this week by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, should concern everyone.

That survey assessed health outcomes based on 29 factors that influence health, including smoking, high school graduation rates and physical inactivity.

Most of the categories we can control through lifestyle choices:

Smoking ... obesity ... food choices ... physical activity ... excessive drinking ... sexually transmitted infections ... the list goes on...

Healthy habits start at home, and in our community we are supported with a variety of initiatives - from workplace wellness programs to community recreational offerings.

We had better face the findings ... or pay the costly consequences.