We're excited about the announcement Friday that Trilogy Health Services of Louisville will be converting the downtown King's Daughters' Health campus into a senior living community.

King's Daughters' CEO Roger Allman held true to his word that the KDH building would not sit empty once the hospital moved to its new hilltop location next month.

Trilogy bought the building for $1, a transaction that might have saved KDH more than $1 million if it had chosen to demolish the building.

The transaction is expected to create about 120 full-time jobs. Those jobs will provide a major infusion of dollars into the local economy.

Trilogy will be a good neighbor. The company already operates Thornton Terrace in Hanover, and it has more than 70 properties throughout the Midwest.

The property exchange will occur on April 1, and Trilogy officials expect the facility to open in the first quarter of 2014.

Trilogy will offer services from advanced care rooms to senior apartments. Trilogy CEO Randy Bufford said there might be some retail space at the campus once it is completed.

This new development should bolster the spirits of many who believed that KDH's move to the hilltop sounded a death knell for downtown Madison.

The Madison-Trilogy relationship will serve us well.