City Councilman Kevin Kellems' resolution to create an interlocal agreement between the city, county and Hanover should provide impetus to get economic development talks moving forward.

The city council, at its meeting Tuesday night, unanimously approved the resolution, 7-0, and Mayor Damon Welch gave a lukewarm nod to the plan.

County and Hanover officials have said in the past that they would support an interlocal agreement.

Welch has touted his JC-INVEST plan, assuring the county and Hanover that they would be partners in the initiative, but he was reluctant to pursue an interlocal agreement, saying it wasn't necessary to get his plan off the ground.

Kellems plan will get everyone vested from the start, and that accountability will serve all of us well.

And, Kellems is correct that an agreement would be a sign of good faith from the city that it is willing to work with the county and Hanover for the good of all of Jefferson County.

Kellems summed up his effort..."The idea here is that we are one economic entity in a sense... We share common interests."

Welch should understand that Kellems' resolution isn't a condemnation of the JC-INVEST structure.

JC-INVEST might be the best direction to go. That will be determined once everyone has a seat at the table.

If everyone - including the mayor - is willing to listen and compromise, we're confident that an economic development plan will emerge.