Christmas shopping locally is a gift that just keeps giving.

There’s the gift itself that someone will enjoy…

The shopkeeper benefits from your purchase by being able to expand his business, perhaps hiring more employees…

Those employees take their earnings and spend them on rent and food.

Yes, that $25 spent at a local shop has a greater impact than most realize.

There’s a week to go before Christmas, and we hope those still looking for gifts do their shopping at home.

Every year we make the plea for area residents to do their holiday shopping locally. There are many fine stores downtown, on the hilltop, in Vevay, Hanover, Carrollton, Milton, Bedford and other Courierarea communities that we should support - not only during the holidays, but year round.

For many local business owners, November and December sales keep them in business throughout the year.

Shop at home. It’s a important way to show community support.