Another ill-advised piece of legislation is working its way through the General Assembly.

An Indiana legislative committee has endorsed a proposal that would allow guns in school parking lots.

Currently, bringing a gun on school property is a felony, and it should remain a felony.

The House Public Policy Committee approved the bill Tuesday after adding the school gun provision to a bill that would prohibit local governments from using taxpayer money for gun buy-back programs.

The addition to the bill would allow guns to be locked and out of sight in a car in a school parking lot.

Republican Rep. Jim Lucas of Seymour, who represents a portion of Jefferson County, says the provision would protect parents who inadvertently have their guns with them when they pick up their children.

Those same well-meaning parents might inadvertently forget to lock the glove compartment where the gun is stored.

Even responsible gun owners with good intentions can become victims of someone intent on doing harm.

Detroit hasn't yet invented a car that can't be broken into.

You can't have alcohol near a school. You can't have drugs near a school. Common sense would suggest that guns have no place near a school.

What is Jim Lucas thinking?