We tend to think of a company's value to a community in terms of numbers - how many jobs it provides and how many dollars it pumps into the local economy.

One area that is sometimes overlooked is a company's contribution to a community's quality of life.

We congratulate Madison Precision Products for its initiative to improve Madison's environment.

MPP has committed to putting state environmental license plates on all of its company-owned vehicles in Madison by the end of next year. The executives' company cars already have them, and they will be put on the other cars as the registrations come up for renewal.

The plates cost $40 extra, with $25 of that a donation to the Indiana Heritage Trust. The Department of Natural Resources' Heritage Trust Fund, with money mostly from the environmental plates, gave Madison's Heritage Trail $123,000 toward the purchase of land for a park near Vaughn Drive and Vernon Street.

In addition, company president Kazuyoshi Matsushita gave trail director Bob Greene a letter of commitment to donate $12,500 next year to the Heritage Trail Conservancy.

Trail director Bob Greene deserves congratulations for working with MPP on the program. We see Greene on the trail performing a lot of physical labor, but he's also a master at drumming up support for the trail.

It was Greene's commitment and thorough approach that attracted MPP to the project. He provided MPP with a detailed accounting of how their donated funds were being spent.

This success story demonstrates how a civic leader and local business can work together for the betterment of a community for generations to come.

Thanks to Bob Greene and Madison Precision Products.