Jefferson County voters face some important decisions as the primary election nears.

The May 6 election is important for two reasons. Voters will decide which candidates will advance to the November general election, and voters also will be asked to approve or reject Madison Consolidated Schools' request for a $40 million school building referendum

Primary elections usually don't draw a large voter turnout, and that is unfortunate that so many of us don't exercise that right.

This year, we suspect the referendum might boost voter turnout. Clearly, the school debate has engaged many in the community. We hope the dialogue of the past few months results in people going to the polls.

It would be unfortunate if only a small sampling of voters makes such an important decision for our community's future.

Voting is one of the most important responsibility a citizen has. But it needs to be exercised.

Please don't protest your unhappiness with the process by holding back your vote.