Never again will the saying "you throw like a girl" be considered an insult.

Mo'Ne Davis saw to that.

Mo'Ne's moment in the national spotlight is over, but her legacy may just be beginning ... and that could be worrisome.

The 13-year-old star pitcher from Philadelphia wowed the world at the Little League World Series. She was the 18th girl to play in the event, but the only one to win a game on the mound. Her storybook run was stopped Thursday night by Chicago in a 6-5 loss.

But she'll go home as the darling of the tournament. Most of America - and parts of the world - were on a first-name basis with the pitcher. She was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. More than 34,000 people were in the stands to see her last game.

What's next for Mo'Ne?

We hope she's able to return to being a regular 13-year-old child. We tend to objectify those who gain our attention. We need to remember that Mo'Ne is a kid who plays a kid's game ... albeit very well.

Mo'Ne doesn't need to carry the burden that some would now place on her shoulders.

Let's let Mo'Ne and all the other Little Leaguers be children. They don't need to have adults - some with dollar signs twinkling in their eyes - planning their futures.

Good for you Mo'Ne. You made us smile while we admired your obvious skills. But to anyone who tells you that you could be the next Jackie Robinson, tell them maybe you'd rather be a lawyer or a doctor or a teacher or a mom. And, if it's a career in baseball that you want to pursue, you go for it girl.