You can't place a pricetag on community pride. But, if you could, we'd be wealthy beyond our dreams.

There were times in the last 10 or 12 years that we doubted we would ever see a new bridge linking Madison and Milton.

But at 9:30 p.m. Monday, the new Madison-Milton bridge opened to traffic. The project isn't completed, yet. The bridge still sits on temporary piers and won't be permanently in place until later this summer after the old bridge is removed.

With the opening of the bridge came a long procession of cars - many hoping to be the first to travel the bridge from Kentucky to Madison.

Not unlike a parade when the hometown team wins a big game, cars were filled with people shouting out their approval above the blasting of horns.

This is a big win for the Courierarea.

We now have a safe bridge to help transport people between the two states. And, the bridge will also enhance the area's ability to attract commerce.

For those of us who can't hang a picture on a wall, we marveled at the precision required to build the bridge.

Many people deserve recognition for making the bridge a reality ... from government leaders on both sides of the river to volunteers who served on committees to work out accompanying issues.

It's been a fascinating journey watching the workers from Walsh Construction - supported by many other workers - build the bridge in sections on the Milton riverbank and then lift it into place atop the temporary piers.

There will be plenty of stories told as the old bridge comes down, just as there were when it was built in 1929.

And now, there will be new stories to help bridge the years.