As the school year comes to an end we congratulate our students for all of their accomplishments.

But we often forget to thank the women and men who have helped our children navigate the educational waters.

To all of the terrific teachers who day-in and day-out mentor our kids we offer a big "thank you."

We don't know author Myrna Beth Lambert, but we found a tribute to teachers that she wrote. We don't think she'll mind us sharing it with our readers...

"We held their hands the first day of school.

Our hearts were filled with pride.

There was an aura of fear and apprehension

As we stood close to their side.

We deposited our children at your door,

Our most precious and prized possessions.

We trusted that you would give them more

Than Reading and Writing lessons.

Our unspoken words were, give them self worth.

They are little children, respect their rights.

Teach them with love and remember compassion.

Use a firm hand to break up their fights.

As the years went by, you did us proud

With your guiding hand and understanding smile.

You gave much more then we expected.

That was your way, your undeniable style.

What higher tribute can we pay a teacher?

To what greater heights can he ascend?

Than to have his students praise his work,

And to say "He is my friend."

To all teachers we say thanks for helping our children learn and grow this year.

We couldn't do it without you.