Across the state government officials have declared March Disability Awareness Month.

We see these declarations as not merely a reminder to acknowledge those who live with disabilities, but a challenge to really try to understand their difficulties as well as their accomplishments.

While most people with disabilities don't want to be viewed as "different," one can't ignore the additional difficulty they have all faced.

It seems as though a lot of focus is placed on athletes with disabilities. But athletes aren't the only people with disabilities that deserve recognition.

Every day, people with physical and intellectual limitations contribute to our world in many different ways.

Sometimes, their accomplishments are made all the greater by their limitations, but oftentimes their disabilities are but a side note to what they have achieved.

We challenge everyone to see people with disabilities not as people with challenges but as people with potential equal to anyone else.

But disability awareness month isn't just about acknowledging those with disabilities. It's about looking around and seeing where we can all improve our world to make it easier for everyone to achieve their potential.

Disability Awareness Month should be a challenge to all of us. Pay attention to those things that might impede others from achieving their potential. A crack in a sidewalk might look like the Grand Canyon to someone in a wheelchair.

Let's use March as a way to make our towns better for everyone so we all can participate in society evenly and strive to live up to our potential.