Take a deep breath. Relax. The holidays are over. And now, so is 2013.

It's been a year of highs and lows in the Courierarea. We had a party to celebrate the opening of the new King's Daughters' Hospital hilltop facility. We had a party to celebrate the destruction of an iconic bridge on the Ohio River.

We had a lackluster Madison Regatta, having the hydroplane race spoiled by high water levels from several straight days of rain. And we said goodbye to the sport's hometown hero, Steve David, after he announced his retirement.

We had brushes with history, from the discovery of a cave in Trimble County with potential ties to the Underground Railroad, to a letter written by a black soldier during the Civil War.

We had a touching funeral for Manley Winkley, a Marine who died in World War II whose remains were uncovered only a few years ago.

We celebrated Switzerland County's bicentennial - 200 years of rich history.

We welcomed newly elected officials into their new positions.

And, yes, we even managed to go for a world-record attempt at number of people down a water slide in an hour.

We celebrated milestones. We made families. We lost loved ones. We fought. We made up.

It was quite a ride. If 2014 is half as exciting as the previous year, then hang on to your hats.

As we go forward into a new year and a new journey together, it's important to make resolutions. Everyone has ways of changing or improving themselves.

Some of us may be getting weights out of storage to exercise. Some of us could be cleaning out the garage as a way to be organized. And some of us might just save a little money every month instead of spending it on something we may not need.

If we want to improve on all our successes from 2013, we must resolve to help each other.

While many of us have more than we will ever need, there are those whose needs are more than we can imagine.

We must leave no man, woman or child behind. Find a way to make a difference whether its helping out at a food bank, starting a community garden or checking on a neighbor.

Making a difference in the lives of others will help make 2014 a great year.

Happy New Year.