For some of us, getting a passing grade in chemistry and physics required divine intervention and a very good tutor.

Then, there are students who take to science like oxygen takes to hydrogen... They drink up all things scientific.

The Southwestern Middle School Science Bowl team fits that second category.

The 10 students on the team placed second overall in the statewide science competition this year, missing first place by only one point.

The state competition is split into three rounds: a team round where everyone on the team answers 15-20 questions online; an individual round that involves four team members taking four separate tests; and an experimentation round where judges ask the teams questions about experiments they did before the competition.

Science teacher and team coach Don White said his biggest challenge is getting his group of 10 to work together as a team.

"When you get a question and you have three or four kids who think the answer is one thing and a few kids who think the answer is something else, trying to get kids to discuss why they think that is instead of just, the loudest guy wins is the key," White said. "This year it was a piece of cake. I had 10 kids on the team and I didn't' really have to do anything to get them to work together. They're just nice kids who have a lot of fun together. It was a blast this year."

The kids learned that there is no "i" in science. Those of us who preferred the humanities might argue that there is no "me" in science.

We're in awe of these young science phenoms. While some of us look to the stars and wonder what's up there, these youngsters are devising a plan to find out for themselves.