State Rep. Ed DeLaney, a Democrat from Indianapolis, says the Madison and Southwestern school districts, and 13 other school corporations have been misled.

He was referring to the lawsuit those districts joined challenging the Affordable Care Act's employer mandate. The challenge was spearheaded by Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller.

The suit argues that the federal government does not have the authority to extend the employer mandate - and its financial penalties for employers with more than 50 full-time workers - in states that did not create their own health insurance exchanges.

DeLaney says the Republican attorney general and other state officials are simply intent on denying Hoosiers the opportunity to benefit from the new health care law. He points to Indiana's lead role in the lawsuit challenging Obamacare.

"The economic policy of the state of Indiana, as decreed by Mike Pence and his attorney general, is to deprive everyone of health insurance and ask the Supreme Court to undo the very thing it decided two years ago," DeLaney says. "Mr. Zoeller lost his case in the Supreme Court. He should stop this game right now."

The issue is confusing. It's not a game, but it is being misrepresented.

DeLaney, too, is dishing out his share of partisan trickery.

It's a fact that school districts - of all sizes - don't have the resources to adequately fund part-time employees.

The legislature needs to help small districts with new funding options.

What our schools face is a budget issue, not a health care policy issue.