The Jefferson County 4-H Fair is in progress and many fairgoers are looking forward to Friday's 4-H livestock auction. The auction is a prime example of agriculture and commerce coming together to support the hard work and dedication of the 4-H members. Over the years, it has become an honor for a business to participate in the auction.

We look for the same this year.

Many businesses are repeat participants. They come back each year to make one or several purchases of cattle, swine or sheep. Why do they do this? The answer is simple: They know a good deal when they see it. Not only are they investing in a young 4-Her, but they are investing in their community and in their business as well.

The help the bidders and buyers lend to the auction benefits the young men and women by helping them cover some of the costs of raising and caring for their animals, in providing some funding for their education, and in aiding them in the purchase of new livestock for future training and exhibiting.

When a buyer successfully makes a bid on an animal, he or she has the option of keeping it or selling it back to the fairboard at the appraised value. The animal will then be sent to market.

By declaring that you want to sell the animal at the appraised value, as the successful auction bidder you pay only the difference between the final bid and the appraised value of the animal.

The 4-H member who raised the animal would get the full amount either way. If you as the successful bidder sell the animal to the fairboard, the fairboard will pay the 4-H member the remainder of the bid amount because the fairboard will get back the appraised value at market.

Whether you are a veteran of the 4-H auction or a representative of a business coming for the first time, we urge you not to miss the opportunity to feel the spirit of 4-H by helping to make this year's experience a successful one for the hard-working 4-H members. Their appreciation will be evident and you will leave the auction knowing that you have helped make a difference in a young 4-Her's life.

This year's auction is at 1 p.m. Friday at the fairgrounds.