There are many reasons people put off needed medical tests. Often it's the expense.

That is why we recommend that adults take advantage of an offer from King's Daughters' Hospital to get a free fecal-occult home testing kit.

The test might help detect colon cancer, the second deadliest cancer.

Colon cancer screening kits will be available until March 31. March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month.

All one needs to do to participate is stop by a KDH physician's office (one that offers family practice or internal medicine) to obtain the free take-home kit.

Once the test is completed in the privacy of your home, samples must be returned to the physician's office. All results will be sent to the person's physician for follow-up.

Who needs the test? The American Cancer Society recommends that men and women ages 50 and over undergo a screening test for colon cancer.

And it is important to know that a positive test does not necessarily indicate cancer. There are several other conditions that might result in a positive test, and those also can be treated.

For more information on colon cancer visit or

KDH is filling an important need in the community through this free testing program. It would be foolish to pass up the offer.