Stories about animals and children have always been popular with Madison Courier readers.

A story in the Wednesday Courier is one of our favorites.

Several months back we reported on 90 malnourished and ill horses that were discovered on an area farm. Some of the horses had to be euthanized, others were sent to temporary homes to recover.

That brings us to the Backus family who live on a farm near Canaan.

Taylor Backus, 13, is a horse lover and a 4-H member. Her mother, Missi, learned of one of the rescued horses that needed a home. The family decided to look into adopting the horse.

It was love - sort of - at first sight. Taylor immediately took a liking to the horse and the horse - despite all it had endured - warmed quickly to Taylor.

The rest, as they say in the movies, is history. Since that first meeting Taylor and the horse - the family named him Camo - have been inseparable.

And, in an amazing development, Taylor showed Camo at the Jefferson County 4-H Fair - only months after he was rescued from those horrible conditions.

Neither horse nor owner were accustomed to the spotlight, but they put their trust in one another and performed admirably.

We don't expect Camo to become the next Seabiscuit, but his story certainly rivals other rags to riches sports stories.

What riches, you ask? All you need to do is watch Taylor and Camo work and play together and you'll understand.