We had plenty of warning that we were in the path of a nasty winter storm.

On Friday, those predictions became reality.

Some of us sloshed through the ice and snow to get home safely. Some of us raided the milk and bread shelves at the grocery store. Others watched from the warmth of their homes ... freshly fallen snow always look pretty before it turns to slush.

And, some of us listened to the police scanner as city, county and state workers struggled to keep our roads clear and safe.

Some folks are quick to criticize when it comes to snow removal efforts. They wouldn't be satisfied unless the snow was intercepted before it hit the ground.

The back-and-forth communication we heard on the scanner told a story of a team of workers who tirelessly attacked the snow.

Criticism of snow removal -- or the response to just about any of the extremes Mother Nature can throw at us -- has always and will always be. It's the nature of dealing with nature.

Our road crews do a good job.

Dealing with snow -- or any "major" event Mother Nature throws at us -- is never going to be pleasant, but such extremes are opportunities for us to be our best.