So, you say, the winter's got you singing the blues.

Well, don't fret, there are some benefits to cold and snowy weather - if you keep a positive attitude.

"It can create an opportunity where there is going to be quality time spent with someone," Bill Frederick, a licensed clinical social worker told a reporter from the Anderson Herald-Bulletin.

"The challenge when being trapped together is to be open to it," he said. Cabin fever can be turned into quality time - he believes.

Makes one wonder if Frederick has any kids.

With weather forecasters predicting more snow and below freezing temperatures for the next week, there will be plenty of time to spend playing board games, catching up on emails, social media or even calling a loved one.

That works for some, but many of us don't have the temperament to put on a happy face while being locked in the house with the kids. How many games of "Candy Land" can one endure before becoming hostile?

We tend to agree more with another social worker who told the paper that being stuck at home can also create irritability.

Think of being stuck in a house with the kids for a few days as akin to being in a human pressure cooker waiting to blow its top.

What's mentally and physically best, of course, is an average winter that is not too cold or too warm.

Since that doesn't seem to be in the cards for us this year, we might recommend a good snowball fight to release some of the pent-up frustrations, followed by a hot bowl of homemade soup ... and a long nap in front of the fireplace.