There's a new newspaper in town and we highly recommend it to our readers.

Strange, you say, that one newspaper is endorsing another newspaper in the same community.

Well, that is unusual, but "The Rebel Scoop" is so special that we want everyone to know about it.

The newspaper is produced by students at Southwestern Elementary School. They wrote stories, shot photos and helped with the production.

Last week, several Madison Courier newsroom employees visited the school to talk about newspapers. The kids were receptive and asked many good questions. Their interests and skills are evident on the pages of the newspaper.

The "Scoop's" inaugural edition contains profiles of principal Jason Watson, assistant principal Karla Gauger and several teachers. It has stories about school activities, an advice column, recipes, sports stories, poetry, a list of Christmas gift ideas, pet care stories, book and movie reviews, and - of course, because this is a newspaper for kids - reviews of the latest in gaming technology.

In small communities, local news drives newspapers. "The Rebel Scoop" meets that need.

We congratulate teacher Shannon Dattilo who received a state grant and spearheaded the project, and the students and teachers who produced this first edition. And, we look forward to many more.

Newspaper journalism is alive and well at Southwestern Elementary School.

Thanks kids.