The steering committee of the ENVISION Jefferson County Vision and Action plan will host a community summit from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday at the Brown Gym.

The summit will provide residents with a overview of information that was gathered at three previous community conversation sessions.

The steering committee of about 30 community members reviewed about 1,300 issues and ideas and now would like our insight on moving the community forward.

Participants will also draft actions to help the county reach these goals. The groups will form around the six initiative areas: advancing personal prosperity and community economic vitality; creating attractive, productive and desirable places; linking education with local opportunity; shaping a vibrant community through entertainment and the arts; building a positive community through collaboration and leadership; and promoting health, safety and wellbeing.

Thursday's summit provides an opportunity to become involved in Jefferson County's future. It offers a community-wide conversation where everyone has a voice, addresing a common concern from some who believe only a powerful few call the shots.

Following the summit, the steering committee will review the input received and begin to draft the Vision and Action Plan. The committee will come back to the public in the early fall to present a draft of the plan during an open house meeting.

We encourage anyone who cares about Jefferson County to attend the summit and become involved. There is plenty of work to go around.