There are different ways to listen to the blues. Some prefer to close their eyes and enjoy a mellow experience. Others get up and let their bodies flow with the music. Others just sit still and smile.

We saw them all this weekend at Madison's Ribberfest.

Once again we repeat what we've said every year since Ribberfest burst onto Madison's festival scene ... We didn't think it would be possible to top last year's Ribberfest. But it happened. Madison's riverfront was filled with good music, terrific food. and a crowd that had a great time.

An incredible weekend of weather - we were a bit worried Saturday afternoon - helped bring out a huge crowd. Bicentennial Park was filled with thousands of residents and visitors. And, many folks made their way to downtown shops and restaurants, making the weekend a great success.

Once again, first-time visitors seemed surprised that a city of 12,000 could pull off such an event and attract a stellar lineup of musicians.

From Friday's Taj Mahal to Saturday's Roy Rogers all of the performers lived up to their billing.

The other events that make up Ribberfest were exceptional. From the Pigmania contest to the Courier's Backyard Barbecue Blast to the competition for kids, there were plenty of activities for everyone.

Like all community events, Ribberfest couldn't succeed without the help of many individuals and businesses that provided sponsorships and manpower.

To Kathy Ayers and everyone who had a role in the festival we say congratulations and thanks for a terrific weekend.