Election Day is less than a week away. Next Tuesday we finally get to go to the polls to elect the men and women we think can best lead our nation, state and communities.

The stories have been written, the yard signs have been placed the candidates have visited.

The only thing left to do is vote.

This has been an emotion-charged campaign season. Fueled by a close presidential race, interest appears to be high and we hope that translates into a healthy voter turnout.

It is surprising that some voters still say they are undecided. We direct those who haven't made up their minds on local races to visit the Courier's Website - www.madisoncourier.com - and click on the "Local Choices 2012" icon. There you will find all of the stories and profiles we have written about the candidates for local office. Those stories will help you make an informed decision.

And in today's Courier - on Page A3 - you will find a sample ballot and list of Jefferson County polling locations.

All registered voters should fulfill their civic duty and vote on Tuesday. Voting takes only a few minutes, but the impact can last a lifetime. And, don't forget, you'll need a current ID card with a photo.