On Friday, we celebrate our nation's independence. It was on July 4, 1776, that the Continental Congress approved our Declaration of Independence.

It seems that we were not happy with the way the British government was treating us, the American colonies.

And who could blame us - except perhaps the British.

We were ready to get out from under King George's thumb and take control of our own destiny. Like children who grow up, it was time for us to find our own way in the world, albeit a much smaller world at that time.

As we celebrate our own independence let's remember that freedom has been a longing for peoples of all nations.

Whether it was the American colonists of 1776 or the millions of people in the Middle East seeking a say in their own affairs, freedom is a goal for all people.

But not all have achieved that goal.

America provided an instruction manual for all the world in 1776.

Tomorrow, once again we'll celebrate it. Sooner or later, everyone should be allowed to stand on their own two feet.

As we celebrate our good fortune, let's pause to hope others may someday be as fortunate.