What do you like most about Indiana? Its famous hospitality ... Historic sites ... Great restaurants ... Beautiful state parks?

The Indiana Bicentennial Commission wants all Hoosiers to share their favorite Hoosier memories and locations as the state plans its bicentennial celebration.

The commission has officially launched a new section of its website aimed at engaging Hoosiers across the world.

"Hoosier Insights" is an online platform from which Hoosiers can share what they love about Indiana.

The aim of Hoosier Insights is to share one's take on all things Hoosier and to gain from the insights of others from across the world.

Website visitors have access to the writing of fellow Hoosiers - from published authors - to everyday people.

The Commission hopes that a variety of Hoosiers will take the opportunity to share their own brand of Hoosier lore. The diversity of voices can bring Hoosiers in all 92 counties closer together - ready to celebrate Indiana's bicentennial.

Maybe it's that soda shop where you had your first date. Perhaps it was your first IU basketball game. How about a visit to Santa Claus when you were a kid?

Take a trip down memory lane and share your favorite moments.

Submissions can be made online for potential publication on the Indiana Bicentennial Commission's website. Log on the website, www.indiana2016.org, to learn more.