Whenever the issue of gun control comes up there is an upsurge in firearms sales. In fact, some gun stores have posters naming President Barack Obama as their salesman of the month/year.

One potentially disturbing trend in this is a dramatic rise in applications for concealed carry permits. Before you dismiss this as a typical anti-gun tirade, consider this...

Since December, the Indiana State Police has received more than 91,000 applications, 50 percent more than were issued in all of 2012. In fact, the state is adding staff to handle the backlog.

Apparently, one of the reasons for the large number of applicants is a mistaken belief that there is a movement to restrict or eliminate the permits. That is not the case.

The biggest concern with this is the fact that some people who don't even own firearms are applying for the licenses.

There are now almost 500,000 concealed carry permits in the state with 6.5 million people.

We are sure that most are very responsible gun owners, and when they carry they do so in a responsible manner. That is how it's supposed to be.

We haven't seen the "Wild West" that seems to be predicted whenever the issue is debated, nor have we seen fender-benders turn into a gun fight.

Our concern is that for some of those seeking permits right now, it is a knee-jerk reaction, and that is very bad when it comes to firearms. If those people do start carrying guns, another knee-jerk reaction could lead to tragedy.

Owning a gun, and especially carrying one in public, are very serious matters and deserve serious consideration - everything from the practical matter of carrying and use, to matters of law, to the possible legal ramifications after an incident.

Indiana gives honest citizens access to the right to defend themselves with deadly force. But for every right, there is also a responsibility.

For those with permits and those considering it, we simply ask that you take a deep breath and think about it. Take your time and consider whether you truly need to carry a concealed weapon. Your life, and the lives of those around you, might depend on it.