To the editor:

I am extremely disappointed in the outcome of the recent referendum process.

Although the community spoke loudly, it did nothing to make the problems go away. Bashing current and previous boards and administration will not be productive either.

History cannot be changed but can be learned from. Needless to say, the problems still exist and it is imperative they be dealt with.

There are many root causes of which I will name a few: age of facilities, poor initial design, change of needs over the decades, change of state and federal mandates and codes, and yes, a lack of proper maintenance in some areas.

Band-aids and emergency repairs have consumed and will continue to consume virtually all of our available capital project funds which should be used for general maintenance, preventative maintenance and some minor upgrades. This trend will continue to accelerate as the problems continue to get worse.

I want to make it perfectly clear that what I am saying is coming from me, and that I am speaking for myself and not for the rest of the school board. They may choose to agree or disagree.

At this time, I am reaching out to the school district community to step forward, become involved, educate yourself about the situation, put history and grudges behind us, be respectful to one another, and become part of the solution to this problem.

It will require a lot of time and energy but it will be worth the effort. There are many brilliant minds in this community and I challenge you to put them to work and come up with a plan we can all support. I am willing. Are you? You can contact me at (812) 701-5507 or in person.

There is an urgency whether you believe it or not. Now is the time to get started.

Carl Glesing,

Vice President

Madison School Board