To the editor:

A few years back before the bridge was declared unsafe, the talk in town was about the Needful Things business. How bad it was, what they were selling behind those purple doors. It was the talk in churches for weeks. I'm neutral on the subject. What I'm getting at is the building was well kept. But upon crossing the bridge into Madison, what is the first thing you see? It's a house on the right that hasn't been painted in many years. A porch has caved in. The roof needs repairs.

Does the Historic Board think this house is what people coming to Madison want to see?

I thought "historic" meant preserving the old. Why is it that at Christmas the light poles have flag - no lights - just modern flags like the ones you see in malls?

I was in Carrollton at Christmas and they had the real feeling of Christmas. Light poles had lit candy canes and wreaths. I applaud the city of Carrollton.

Nancy Hancock

Milton, Ky.