To the editor:

I choose to send my daughter to MCS because although it isn't a flawless system I firmly believe that her success and safety are put first and changes are being made to improve the system for all of those involved.

Two years ago when we were deciding where our daughter would attend school, I started attending meetings, asking questions, and truly taking an interest in our educational system. What sold me was the fact that the current administration recognized that major changes need to be made.

We had a long history of letting elected officials make decisions that have cost us tons of money. I don't think there is any easy solution or even "cheap" solution. This proposed referendum is the result of years of poor management and lack of taxpayers truly being involved but that is water under the bridge.

It continues to be said we need more meetings for the public. Where were you when all of this started? I was there and I was saddened by the lack of attendance by the community. There should have been a building overflowing with taxpayers and there were empty seats in the small administration office. As for the task force that worked on this project they are successful business leaders, teachers, parents, business owners, retired citizens, and farmers. The demographic and integrity of this bunch could not have been better selected.

The faculty and staff that serve MCS every day put every ounce of energy into making certain all children strive to learn at the highest level. I know firsthand that many of them don't "clock out." Their days often turn into nights of serving students and families. That is their focus and commitment to all of us. I feel it is unfair and rude to attack their integrity and desire for excellence in education.

I urge citizens to vote yes in support of the staff of professional educators who provide our children the safest, healthiest, and most productive learning environment possible. Unfortunately for many this is the best environment they know.

Vote yes and send the message to those that discredit the importance of the quality of our facilities to our staff, our community, and our children. We owe it to them and every child who will follow in the halls of our school. My plea is that regardless of your stand you become truly involved and invest in our children and those who serve them. It requires a sacrifice and all great educational systems are a result of personal and financial sacrifice.

Vote yes to invest in our community, our schools and our children.

Cara Fox