To the editor:

I am hoping you might be interested in getting some answers in regards to busing issues and Madison Consolidated Schools.

You published that five bus drivers would be eliminated and bus routes would be changed based on recommendations to be voted on at the school board meeting Wednesday (today). This is apparently a formality, as our route in particular was changed effective yesterday.

We had a sub driver all last week and the driver took the kids' names and numbers on Friday and told them they might be changing the route.

We never received a phone call all weekend. Monday morning our kids were ready to get on the bus at the normal time of 6:25. Between 7:05 - 7:10 we got in our car and left and I took my kids to school because I didn't know when or if a bus was coming and one had I-STEP testing.

I called the transportation department later that morning and left a message asking to be notified of changes that were being made so my kids would not be sitting with coats and backpacks for 45 minutes waiting to see if a bus was coming. I never received a call.

This morning a bus came from another direction a little after 7 a.m. I again called the transportation department. She told me that she would call the driver and call me back.

I expressed my concern about not being informed of the changes not only to the morning route but the afternoon route. My daughter was not told what bus to get on in the afternoon. They found out while waiting for the bus to pick them up at the junior high when someone asked who they were waiting for.

While they seem to be working out some of the "kinks" in the routes, they are failing severely in communicating with the parents and children. The combinations that they are making are having elementary students on the bus as long as two hours after school and driving the children up and down hills and hollows to get to school. My children were near the end of the route today and were still on the bus 45 minutes before getting to school this morning.

Patty Powers