To the editor:

I prefer not to waste my vote on "middle-of-the-road" candidates. I like candidates with convictions to affect policies for social change. Political parties have recently run candidates that have been termed "extremist." These candidates would be a fun spectacle to watch if they didn't have a true chance of being elected.

Domestic violence brings our attention to rape pregnancies. I know victims of rape that would prefer suicide to carrying a rape pregnancy to term. That decision should not be made by an extremist politician.

The hipocracy of the extremist position reeks of irony. The same policy makers that want to limit the right to choose will not vote one dime of government support for a mother of a rape pregnancy, her unborn, or the child. Many rape pregnancies would be carried to term if the mother and child knew government policies had their back.

Choosing life and support of life should be on every candidates' agenda. The question is which life do you choose. In lieu of the extremist candidates being produced, "middle-of-the-road" candidates don't look so bad after all.

Marc Gray