To the editor:

As members of the Madison/Jefferson County community we would like to offer our support for the effort announced by local area businesses to create a community vision and action plan.

This plan provides a unique opportunity to bring the entire community together to focus on how to improve the quality of life for all residents. The success of this project depends on drawing upon the diverse interests represented throughout the county. We encourage all residents to get involved in the process. There will be many opportunities to have your voice heard. Whether you would like to volunteer for the steering committee, or participate in one of several public workshops, this is your opportunity to help move this community forward. There will be challenging discussions and some disagreement, for sure.

But, in the end, the vision and plan that emerge will only be successful if people come with their ideas, listen to the ideas of others, and take ownership of the process and plan.

So, let's all begin to think about ways we can make this community a place where people want to continue to live, work, go to school, raise children, visit, have fun, and retire.

Note: The signers of this letter are speaking on their own behalf, not necessarily the organizations they may represent

Damon Welch - Mayor of Madison; Rick Berry - President of Madison City Council; Tom Pietrykowski - President of Jefferson County Commissioners; Carol Dozier - CEO of KDH; Ginger Studebaker-Bolinger - Superintendent of Madison Consolidated School System; Nathan Hadley - Executive Director of JCIDC; Whitney Wyatt - Executive Director of Madison Main Street Program; Larry Newhouse - President of Madison Main Street Program Board of Directors; Linda Lytle - Executive Director of Visit Madison; Bill Barnes - Executive Director of Community Foundation; Phil Kahn - President of Prince of Peace Schools; Trevor Crafton - Executive Director of Madison Chamber of Commerce; Madison Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee