To the editor:

Superintendent Bollinger and the MCS School Board must feel a great deal of distress regarding the conditions at our school buildings - particularly, with the beginning of school year.

I still feel it is too early to revisit the discussion of tax dollars, of any kind, from the residents in the MCS district. I do have two ideas:

•The state of Indiana is currently investing millions of dollars into charter school upgrades and new buildings. This initiative, started by Tony Bennett and his cronies, is alive and well under Gov. Pence's policies. Maybe an appeal for some of those funds could come back to the public school? NOT!!!!

•The state of Indiana has $2 billion that needs to be spent, or returned to its citizens. I think Supt. Bollinger needs to make a heart felt attempt for the governor to spend some of this money on Madison schools. The governor has been sitting on this money in hopes that a surplus in the Indiana treasury will boost his presidential bid. But, I think the governor also has a heart.

This attempt to receive funding could be accompanied by pictures of overcrowded students, students walking through sewage, bare wires sparking, etc. Yes, this is the age of sensationalism and exaggeration!

Marc Gray