To the editor:

At the last City Council meeting the public heard from Gary Godbey, the head of Proclaim as One in Indianapolis.

One of Proclaim's missions is to bring in inspirational speakers to communities and schools to combat the growing problems of drugs, dropout rates and teen suicides.

Mr. Godbey said that Proclaim was religious in nature but he assured us the talks by the speakers did not delve into faith or religion. He then said he did feel his work was inspired by God. At this point he looked around the room and, as if he had committed some crime, he apologized if what he had just said offended anyone. I sat and wondered how we had ever come to this place in our country.

If we do not find a way to breach the wall of political correctness and if we continue to let a very small minority dictate what we can say or do, or intimidate us into saying or doing nothing at all, then we will continue to see our sacred institutions on a downward spiral.

Rick Berry

Madison City Council president