To the editor:

I'm writing in response to your editorial on Feb. 26, concerning adults legally carrying a firearm in their car when picking up children from school.

Most parents don't leave their vehicle while picking up children, and if they do they can secure the firearm in the trunk of the vehicle. If it is secured in the glovebox, it is out of sight of potential thieves.

What are the odds of a thief breaking into a car that has a firearm stored in it? Out of all of the vehicles in a school parking lot, finding the one that has a firearm and the glovebox unlocked are astronomical. People that carry firearms are usually conscious enough to lock the glove compartment when they store a firearm in it.

When I graduated from MCHS in 1980 about two-thirds of the vehicles in the parking lot were pickup trucks. Of those, I would say that over half had a shotgun and a rifle hanging in the back window. No one ever got shot. Why? Because those who are mature enough to carry weapons in their vehicle have been taught safety and respect for firearms. It's almost a part of our Hoosier heritage.

I fully support Rep. Lucas and his efforts to bring a little common sense back.

Brian Cole