To the editor:

Since no one in this town wants to bring up the important issues in today's society, except for the bombing in Boston, I want to enlighten you all.

We are not in Boston, we are in Madison. Why not worry about the things that are closer to home. Too many people here are jobless because of the high standards that the businesses set forth. Many need to have a diploma or GED, but let's get one thing straight. What is the point? There are too many people and not enough jobs. Many people won't have the requirements that the employers are looking for.

Instead of turning down these potential, possibly the best, employees they would have had, they would rather turn them down for not having a GED/diploma, not being old enough or not having the proper training. What is wrong with taking a little time to train a person?

Why does one need a GED/diploma to work? Do they want really smart people working for them? What about those who don't? Say, those who dropped out because they were trying to take care of their families?

Anne Rollins