To the editor:

The first thing I did when attending last Friday's magnificent Music In The Park was to go get a $5 hot-dog that the man only charged me $2.50 to buy. I then asked for a bottle of water and instead of being $2, it was 50 cents.

I wanted to have my face painted at the free booth, but was afraid the 5-year-old behind me was going to kick me in the shins if I didn't get out of line as he immediately noticed what hair I have left is white and I didn't really qualify for kid status.

It was very satisfying to observe a sea of lawn chairs occupied by casually dressed Madison citizens who had survived the coldest winter any of us could recall in the past decade.

Our hat is off to the organizers of this event. The music was great and the weather couldn't have been better. While the setting at the Broadway fountain was superb, I'd guess we'll need more space in the future if the overall quality continues.

My Thanks,

Carl Hungness