To the editor:

I occasionally buy a copy of The Courier to keep up with the stats on the Oberto racing team. I try to avoid looking at the news section.  On August 10, I made that mistake, and was quickly reminded of why I don't read it.  The main editorial was about all of the GOP scandals.

Apparently the Courier staff and Terre Haute Star-Tribune writer were very concerned.  Three cases were mentioned and it seems that even though they were all found innocent of any criminal activity, there still could be a 'hint' of impropriety. 

Oh, the horror!  It was obvious that the staffs of these "news" sources do not watch Fox News.  If they had, they could have been made aware that the country has been assaulted by over six years of actual, provable scandals.

Does 'Benghazi' ring a bell.  Or maybe the IRS, the NSA, the Department of Injustice, the VA, forcing border agents to ignore the law, bringing federal lawsuits against states for trying to enforce the law, fighting voter ID laws, in order to keep dead people voting for Democrats, Solendra, just to name a few. 

Fox News s the only network reporting on the lawlessness of the current regime.  The other networks are busy trying to cover up the scandals.  So pardon me for not getting the vapors over the possibility of a few GOP "scandals" all of which have resulted in finding nothing illegal. 

Glenn Callaway