To the editor: 

I was pleased to see the Indiana Department of Transportation will once again try to replace the Madison-Milton Bridge.  Madison Mayor Al Huntington is quoted as saying the agreement between Indiana and Kentucky was a long time coming and Indiana and Kentucky never really got together on the project.

True enough.

The previous attempt to replace the bridge failed, in part, because Madison leadership allowed petty squabbling to take a precedence over recommended sites for the bridge. 

(Then) U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton pulled a lot of political strings to get immediate environmental and engineering studies for the bridge at that time. Those studies will now have to be taken again. Millions of dollars were wasted because there was no one willing to say, “The bridge needs to go here.”

Even now Mayor Huntington is committed to placing the bridge in a place that was not the first recommended site almost assuring another round of squabbling.

When Hamilton went to bat for a new bridge, he saw the vision of a U.S. 421 (Michigan Road) coursing from Madison to Michigan City for which it was constructed.  The road would provide badly needed interstate access for Madison and communities through central Indiana, north to south.

It takes real leadership to make a stand for the good of community and state.  I hope Kentucky and Indiana officials can see Lee Hamilton’s vision and go forward with unity and good sense.

Daniel C. Mink

Osgood, Indiana