To the editor:

He is 29 inches tall. He was born without arms or legs. The prognosis for him, in the opinion of the experts, was a life of helplessness, hopelessness and despair.

Early on it appeared the predictions would come true. A suicide attempt at the age of 10 and relentless bullying at school were slowly taking their toll on the young man and a life apparently not worth living.

In his later teens something miraculous happened. Nick Vujicic slowly began to turn his life around. It became a life of hope and purpose that catapulted Nick into one of the most prolific and inspirational speakers and authors in the world today.

At only 31 years of age Nick's message of faith, hope, self worth, and the human spirit have profoundly affected children, teens and adults alike in 35-plus countries.

On Sept. 10 about 4,000 students from Madison, Shawe Memorial, Southwestern, Switzerland County and Christian Academy junior and senior high schools will convene at Connor K. Salm Gymnasium to hear Nick's message.

In conjunction with the Indiana Dghout the state. What a boost to our schools and community it will be to have the honor of hosting such an important event.

As with any event of this magnitude it requires donations and sponsorships. About $20,000 needs to be raised. Checks can be made out to Proclaim/Life Without Limbs and can be sent to Dave Ungru, president of Koehler Tire at 2350 Michigan Road, Madison, IN 47250.

For more information on Nick Vujicic you can go to or feel free to call me at 812-801-3064.

Rick Berry

President of the Madison City Council