To the editor:

Oh, the sanctimony of the liberal press!  First, Tom LoBianco of the AP tweets his outrage at the Mourdock speech just minutes after the Mourdock speech (14 minutes later the Democrat State chair responds in the same thread), then Tony Cook of the Star followed by Matt Tully and then our own Madison Courier. Of course, the first three were actually at the GOP convention, but the Courier lifted most of their outrage from LoBianco.  They couldn't really acknowledge that as he graces the front page of Madison's paper a lot with his editorialized "news stories."

LoBianco quotes a still bitter Marion County Lugar supporter and two folks representing an ultra-liberal Jewish group, as they support his bias.

What the Courier left out was a quote from Allen County Republican Party Chairman Steven Shine "who said he thought Mourdock's comments were 'right on point.'

"I think he was showing what could happen to a nation that has a citizenry that believes life is hopeless, that there is no way out," said Shine, who is Jewish. "I don't think at all he was comparing Obama to Hitler under any circumstances, but (he was comparing) the political environment that could create a government that relied on a charismatic leader, rather than the freedoms that the country has."

The Courier left out any thought or discussion on what historical facts it found so egregious about in Mourdock's speech, but for their depiction that they were "stupid."

After the speech, I was standing near Mourdock when a fellow came up with tears in his eyes relating the fact that both his parents had tattoos on their arms from Auschwitz Concentration Camp but were liberated at the end of the war.  He spoke passionately in gratitude for Mourdock's remarks that history should not be repeated and that "Never Again" should not be a phrase worn out by 70 years.

The post-speech reaction by name callers was predictable, but selective.  I haven't seen LoBianco's or the Courier's outrage at the walking gaffe machine of our Vice President or when POTUS makes imprudent or truth impaired statements.  No, the ridicule and vitriol is reserved for a man who caused the longest sustained ovations at the convention, by the vast majority of the delegates who understood exactly what he was saying.  Richard Mourdock is a decent, quiet man who can transfix any audience with his Lincolnesque story telling, as well historically correct and moral laden speeches.

The dominant media culture's bullying of people they disagree with betrays the very foundation of the First Amendment.  The group-think inherent with portraying a decent man as some sort of knuckle dragging buffoon is betrayed by snarky, very narrow quips rather than substantive discussion of content. In the quest for PC, our nation is losing its sense of truth as well as its moral underpinnings.  Unfortunately the cavalier attitude of our paper toward political discourse further lowers the bar.

Mourdock visited Madison four times while State Treasurer. The Courier did not deign to interview him to support/deny their prejudice, other than its Editor being observed to furtively take pictures one time.  Bias does not merit investigation in Madison.

As Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan said: "The liberal left can be as rigid and destructive as any force in American life."  More's the pity, it is our own Madison Courier reflecting this unfortunate fact.

Richard Mourdock is my friend.  I stand with him and against the latest, continued tyranny of our local editorial page.  (BTW we live in a constitutional republic, not a democracy!)

Rick Reuss